Sunday, August 28, 2011

STV: Live from Vegas—It's Dehner time!

Before I FINALLY get the full batch of pics and video  up from Vegas Trek '11...let me just say:

I am proud to have been Mary "@Televixen" Czerwinski's first video endorser in her clever and hearltfelt drive to get the character of Dr. Dehner into the next JJ movie—she of the ill-fated and very reluctant godhood alongside Gary Mitchell in "Where No Man Has Gone Before." All of this, of course, to get a chance to be able to PLAY her!

If you've seen Mary at cons or heard her on DVDGeeks, or caught her in one of her acting or modeling gigs, you'll know this blonde ain't no bimbette. Thus it's no surprise that Mary has a great blog with some thoughftul posts and musings about Dehner at her campaign site, aptly named

But why go one and on about it here? When we can have Dr. Dehner tell you herself...fresh from Vegas (with Ariel "@trexmatetrix" Roy as the Intendent, too!):

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Dawn G. said...

Mary ROCKS!!! She has my vote. Great interview btw.