Thursday, September 15, 2011

STV: Ira Steven Behr, Part 3 of 4—On "Alpha"s AND "DS9"...

Have you been watching Alphas on SyFy at 10 p.m. Mondays?  Exec producer Ira Steven Behr is an old friend from his Trekland days heading up the writers on DS9 (and the creator of Jennifer Hetrick's rogue archeologist Vash on TNG, to boot).

If you haven't caught the earlier installments of this interview, here's Part I and Part 2 all ready for you—where, among other things, Ira runs through the David Straithaim-led cast and characters of his new hit (it's doing very well).  In Part 3 here, Ira makes the point—in case you haven't been keeping up!—that the Alphas' "superhuman" abilities are natural, right from the brain: neither the comic-book super-Heroes style, nor of The 4400 alien-additive variety (and he should know, having headed up the latter show).

In fact, we finally turn the convo in this segment to waxing reflective on DS9 ... and yes, it all concludes in Part 4, coming up soon.

BTW: As Ira describes, here's real-life "Alpha" Stephen Wiltshire in action with his Manhattan memory mural.

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