Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LA ALERT: Party with "Alien" Bill Blair Sunday for his Guinness record!

Well, here's something you don't see everyday--but it is well deserved. On the other hand, after the ever-higher world records of Trek costumees the past few years, maybe it's the wave of the future!

I'm talking about an official Guiness World Record for “most special effect characters portrayed in a career," and a couple of charity events this Sunday, Oct. 9 in Hollywood for both fans and celebs to honor ... Bill Blair!

Who, you say? Well, Bill's been in all your sci-fi faves—and that's the point:  He's famous for a career of wearing every other face (and species) but his own—and now been recognized for it.

There's two events Sunday, and tickets are still available but going fast. Both the 3 p.m. public "red carpet" and the 6 p.m. celeb red carpet and party at Trastevere Restaurant, attended by friends and stars of his various series and films, are hosted by the Hollywood Rotary Club, with all proceeds to benefit Rotary's "Global Alternative Energy Alliance" project. Tickets are at brownpapertickets.com.

What's more, this red carpet ain't like any you've ever seen:  Bill, who calls himself "The Alien Actor," will arrive as a special-effects character, accept the presentation (and learn the number), and then undergo his "de-transformation" back to human guise with his makeup artist, all while meeting with fans and media. That happens, appropriately enough, outside the Guinness World Records Museum on the sidewalk at 6764 Hollywood Blvd.

I guested with Bill once, at a Galileo-7 convention in Germany in 2001, and danged if I can't find a pic of us together. But that's not the point. Bill's work goes far beyond the work on DS9, Voyager and Enterprise... to include aliens, vampires, and monsters in TV series and movies from Trek to Babylon 5 and Alien Nation and beyond. Rotary's association is a nod to his involvement in social and civic causes as well.

Bill "requests that his fans stand beside him, as he has always stood by them," says publicist Lisa Mueller. "It is Bill's wish to share a few guiding words and to speak of hope, faith, trust, and the never-ending search for a better tomorrow."

You can check out more on Bill's career at his website .... or about Sunday's Guinness events online or on Facebook.... and all about Rotary Hollywood's Global Alternative Energy Alliance. There's also a new interview with Bill at startrek.com.

Congrats, Bill! Now I really need to find that picture of us. It's a rare one: I can see that it's him!

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