Wednesday, February 29, 2012

RIP, Monkees' Davy Jones: A Trekland godfather of sorts

Of course the sudden death of "the cute one" Davy Jones today conjures up all kinds of Monkees memories (so sudden that he was scheduled to perform March 31 in La Mirada, an LA suburb) ...

...but let us not forget, Treklanders, Davy's link in a connection to our universe:

From a Feb. 10, 2010 TREKLAND entry:

The OTHER Trek anniversary this week... sorta

... Something much more profound—and I'm just shocked, shocked, that the entire Treknological world missed it. I can even visually chart it in the form of a mathematical progression:

b > d > c

In which b = Beatles, d = Davy Jones (of the Monkees, natch) and c = Chekov (fake Beatle wig, or no.)

Here—let me go to the digital artboard:

 Look out, here comes tomorrow: He made a Startime Believer out of us.


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