Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Rascals and Trek? Well, it IS us—and Subspace Comms

I have been slow to share!

Our good friends Charity and Chris—now they of the Bye Bye Robot licensed fine art Star Trek  prints—just had me on with Teras of GeekNationTours to talk up our Hollywood2Vegas Trek film site tour in August at Subspace Communique .. and as usual, our convo wandered all over Trekland.... in a good way.

But Spanky McFarland?

Yep, and much more... take a listen/download here. It's been up a couple days.

Chris did his usual interview-driving best, and the topics came thick and fast. I even found out Teras really WASN'T a poser!  I hope you take a listen to our Austin friends, and check out their many other great sessions with Trekland notables of all stripes at their site archive.

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