Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MIdweek catchup: Wet, wacky WonderCon

Small crowd here...but Treklanders FILLED it later.
Despite the torrential rain and the even more horrendous parking horrors of what was Saturday WonderCon in Anaheim, the day was a good one overall in Trekland. And by that I mean it was pretty fan-centric.

But still—it was a bit of surreality even more than usual at a comic-con, with high school girls volleyball and cheerleader tournies each going on in adjacent areas at the center—and taking up all that parking! Officially, overflow was to go to Anaheim Angels' Stadium, miles away for a shuttle route—but that didn't help folks like @starfleetmom and @willymccauley who had to walk from car to shuttle bus stop, and then stand for 20, all in downpours—ie, no bus shelters. The T&T (text and twitter) warnings about parking alone helped make it insane for a lot of my regular posse to attend, including even CON of WRATH DP Neal Hallford who is ALWAYS there at the SoCal cons with me.

Just a thanks here to the 300+ that gave our "classroom" another all-but-SRO turnout as we delved into TNG's roots and some odd facts for the 25th anni year ... and what a great audience. Even the Browncoats on hand displayed their original colors, before brown.   A special thanks to those who signed on the website's news list—yay!—and those took advantage of my flea market, and /or made donations toward CON OF WRATH support.

Sadly, we were shorthanded on posse and I don't have any photos to share, aside from the empty "classroom" I shared on tweet and Facebook  earlier (above). But I do want to thank Christine, Willy, Bill and Conner for help with the signups, sales, and raffle drawing that I did on the fly, since I was not tabling here as we do at Comic-Con San Diego and Seattle's Emerald City. It was also great to meet twitterfan @wetodded, as well as Jullian Lawler from the booming EPCon in El Paso—where it looks like some news may be reported soon. Shhh!

So, all in all—and aside from an untech'ed, mystery DVD player/projector system that read audio but not video output (at 7 p.m. I was the first in the day to use it? Really?)—I can tell we all had a great time. Thanks again for the "hanging on every word" vibe, guys. And the laughs .... not to mention the "ahhhhhh" lines. What an empathetic group!  Seattle, San Diego, and even Vegas will have to go a ways to beat that.  BTW: Once again our informal straw polls show TNG slightly ahead of TOS in fan fave, and DS9 the biggest turnaround in support, much larger overall  than the hands  from those  few who simply "came in with it" as their first viewing.

And—if anyone DID come away with any snaps of me or the crowd, please ... can you share?

Because this is the only other shot I took Saturday ... at 1 a.m. .... across the street, approaching a lone car in the Disney south parking. In the "Wettiest Lot On Earth":

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Anonymous said...

I really like that last pic, the one lonely car in the very wet parking lot. It was great chatting with you til the wee hours on all things Trek! :)