Wednesday, July 11, 2012

STV: Marc Zicree and SPACE COMMAND, before making history

And before they hit Comic-Con this weekend!

Welcome to Part One of a lengthy sitdown we did informally with Treklander Marc Scott Zicree here in L.A., back when we barely had a glimps of the amazing momentum and excitement his SPACE COMMAND would spark. But the optimistic, non-dystopian four-film family space saga has since become  the fastest ever to fund on Kickstarter—and then double its goal!

This weekend at Comic-Con San Diego, Marc, Doug Drexler and company not only party to countdown the Saturday evening end of this amazing Kickstarter crowdfunding—and you can still contribute right up until midnight Saturday (EDT)!—but have planned an amazing 8:30 pm panel Friday, including a drawing for one lucky fan from the audience to  be sketched up as an alien by the films' concept artist, Iam McCraig.

Meanwhile, read up on Marc's long out-of-limelight but huge award-winning career in good sci-fi filmic works, including DS9's "Far Beyond the Stars" story ... and enjoy Part I of our chat.

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