Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy birthday, Harve Bennett!

And the Trek birthdays just keep coming this week!

So today we have to stop and bid greetings to our buddy Harve Bennett at 82, whom we had the pleasure and privilege of interviewing in his home for The Con of Wrath—and many other topics from his career—after we'd made mutual promises to do so for years.  You folks at our meetup-fundraiser at cons all this year have gotten sneak-peeks at Harve's insight and sense of humor.

So, let's see, Bjo Trimble is the "lady who saved Star Trek"... and the "man who saved Star Trek" I believe can be equally parsed between Michael Piller, for settling down TNG's core writing into a spinoff-bearing hit as the '90s dawned, and his predecessor, Harve: who made The Wrath of Khan soar as producer, especially after coaxing writer-director Nick Meyer aboard, and ensure movie sequels that might then begat TV sequels. (JJ Abrams, it can be argued, is on deck and might snare the co-title, with more hindsight still to pass.)

Here's to Harve—and the memorable local Fat Tires we shared over a year ago!

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