Monday, December 10, 2012

After movie news, try out a podcast or three. With me.

On top of this being an insanely busy month in Trekland old and new ... and the frenzy over a character name and a trailer ...

Well, when things calm down over John Harrison, perhaps you'll have time to try out a few podcasters ... who were good enough to have me on this past week.

We talked about everything from the opening salvos of Into Darkness mindgame hyper-promotion to fan generations with Doug Mirabello and Jose Munoz, Trek TV vets now on The Zero Room... where they forced me to explain all over again about The Con of Wrath. With some all-new points by the boys I hadn't even thought of. Our chat follows after their regular couple takes on comics/sci-fi news of the week.

Wayne Emery at the UK's Trek Mate was good enough to have me back on and share the concept of the Trekland: On Speaker debut CD as a late gift idea (foreign gift deadline is Friday!), and mentioned it there as well as current topics we'll all been buzzing about.We are the final segment there, after co-hosts' other takes.

Then, my buddy and colleague Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours joined in on Germany's TrekcastDE with Malte Kirchner, where we spilled beans on the new Hollywood to Vegas 2013 Trek sites tour, now reservable on deposit ... and yes, "TLOS" Disc 1 as well. Honored to be Malte's second-efer all_english cast, too!

Really, if you want a taste of where Brit and German podding is going re: Trek, take a listen there and in future. Back in L.A., Doug and Jose (co-creators of the unsold Animated Star Trek pitch for the old cover the broad swath of things genre and fannish; they've done 211 episodes, and we just gave 'em a big taste of Trek this week in our first, too-long-delayed visit.

AND THEN: this Trekland Media Watch of note ends with a long article on about Huston Huddleston's Enterprise-D bridge restoration/museum—a good involved read that was also good enough to include me.

And more's coming ... podders want to know about the CD and the Tour as last-minute gift ideas. Who can blame them? So stay tuned.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program: "JJ's Movie Marketing Seminar."...

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