Tuesday, December 4, 2012

STV: Dan Curry on TNG's Season 2 Blu-ray—and the baby poop planet

As promised, here's the next segment of our recent extended chat with Star Trek's longtime master of visual effects, Dan Curry—this one targeted at his consulting work on the new remastered TNG Season 2 Blu-ray set.

As with Season 1, this CBS Home Entertainment set got a big nationwide boost from the Fathom Events screenings nationwide, including documentaries about how the remastering work was located, assembled and just done. Not to mention the big roundtable cast reunion. In all, it's 120 minutes  of NEW bonus footage—including Robert Burnett and Roger Lay's ongoing massive new TNG doc, an ALL NEW BLOOPER REEL of newly assembled outtakes put together fresh from the re-opened "dailies" of raw footage ... plus all the prior DVD-era  docs carried over as well.

This new 5-disc set (left) includes an incredible and rare longer version of the Data-Picard classic "The Measure of a Man" with footage filmed but originally cut for timing—preserved by then-writer Melinda Snodgrass, off the courtesy rough-edit VHS given her as a private gift!

But back to Dan—and yes, I finally do get the "baby poop planet" story on the record.   But that's not all—we'll have even more Trek tales with Dan in Part 3. And after that, Dan's very own "Trek2Chuck", whatever that might be. I never thought we'd have another installment in our Chuck series ... but you just never know, do you? Just like "remastering" TNG—who'da thunk it?  

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