Sunday, January 6, 2013

Check out this new podcast from Canada—and me

One of the cool things about being invited on to Trek and sci-fi podcasts is that it constantly reminds me how diverse the DIY Trek communication biz is these days—like zines of  old on steroids, and without the overhead of a Starlog or a Communicator mag, killing trees.


So a big overdue hello and Trekland thanks to Chris Lockhart of the Random Nerdness podcast/blog out of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada for having me on right amid the holiday crazy—which is why I have been negligent to thank him and share the links! I'm all for pod diversity, and Chris' is not a Trek-only show, obviously—though he was on hand for the big Calgary Comic-Con  with that TNG reunion now on the Blu-ray HD for TNG S1. And he says the TNG Companion was one of his Best Christmas Gifts Ever. Plus, anyone from BARRhead has got to be cool, right?

So give him and the related Atomic Geek pods, a listen. In fact, since it was our first meeting and he was fresh with questions, why not start with ours: Captain's Table #2? I don't even plug that juch—we talk about the Blu-rays, that state of cons and fandom, The Next Trek Series and other inconsequential topics like that there.

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