Friday, April 5, 2013

First Contact trivia time: Win a collectible from Trekland on #StarTrekDay!

Now, don't forget to hashtag #startrekday today on Twitter to trend for the masses to see ... and to send me pics of your First Contact celebration today large or small for our Trekland round-up...

But now: anyone who can answer all three of these by MIDNIGHT PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME TODAY ...

...Wins a free souvenir ticket to BOTH the Klingon Encounter and the Borg 4-D rides at Star Trek: The Experience! (That's right—sadly, they are both gone: These are mint-condition collectibles.) PLUS a STTE "brochure card."

To enter, you must sign up on our newslist, if not already (relax: I don't sell it or spam you!)
To win, you must answer all three correctly via Comments below or email to ...  and be the FIRST (via timestamp) to have all three correct.


--Three major "data point" facts now associated with the Vulcans' first contact with Zefram Cochrane and humans on April 5, 2063, as initially seen in Star Trek: First Contact ...

...were not IN that film, and were actually retconned (retroactively made part of canon) by later Star Trek aired sources:
—a what
—a where
—a who.

Name all three!

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