Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Trekland corner of Phoenix Comicon: THIS weekend

Outside of the granddaddy event in San Diego and anything else here in SoCal, the next-nearest big multi-genre fanbake is the booming Phoenix Comicon—coming up this Memorial Day weekend starting on Thursday, and only a six-hour drive away from L.A. That's only 1.5 Vegas trips—AND the same basic scenery!

After my first foray there last year and emceeing the TNG cast, et al, this 2013 Phoenix edition is huge for con-goers and huge for me too. Not just the world premiere of Star Trek Continues Friday 6-8 p.m. in the main hall—with most all the cast on hand for a screening, panel and signing—but a whole slew of events as well. PLUS a Con of Wrath benefit meet-up of course...

PHXCC is an urban downtown type con with three partner hotels within 2 blocks, industry and fans night events, and lots of eateries and pubs close by

PLUS, if plans hold, Friday afternoon will see the first time BOTH Nemeceks will make a domestic con since 2008—a rare chance for that OTHER signature on your "Prophecy" photo!

Here's the scoop:

My table is # 2514 — in the signing booth area — where I'll be most times I'm not on a panel. Aside from TREKLAND: On Speaker CDs, the last four fundraiser Klingons PADDS and other goodies...

... Make sure and come by as I'll have the new TREKLAND TRUNK, full of some non-Trek goodies that have been taking up too much room around here!

Plus these panels/events:

Star Trek Continues WORLD PREMIERE— 6- 8 pm: The screening of "Pilgrim of Eternity," a cast Q&A, and a mass signing!

Star Trek and the Human Potential— 10:30 - 11:30am ....I'm a panelist with a review of the uplift side of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. Come and share your passions of Trek and life!

Larry Nemecek's "Trekland: Between the Cracks" Show—12 - 1 pm — Yep, it's my main spectacle... come soak up what's new, peeps: in-jokes, history,

Our CON OF WRATH Benefit Meetup Party:  9-11 pm, at the Sheraton TBA : You pitch in $20 and get a screen credit for my documentary, you get two hours of me with prize trivia, rare Trek clips and snaps from the doc so far. And whatever else you can get me looped enough to say in public-private.

Trekland and You: The State of the Franchise Forum: Sunday 1:30 - 2:30 pm: It's a forum because you talk to each more than I do. Yep, it's where we open  each other's minds about what's now and future with Trek... the options... and we may even get around to  that little movie thing that came out this month.

UPDATE: GRANT IMAHARA (Sulu) WILL be able to join us Friday night!

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