Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Official ST Shop helps with post-Vegas fan expression! Here's my picks

Today I'm a day away from heading into the ultimate Trek experience that is, of course, Creation's Vegas Khhaaann!  (And I'm not the only one.) But then what, Treklanders? After Vegas and all the other summer cons before, fandom's summer pretty much calms down... and many turn to thoughts of cooler days, school and such.

The Trek never stops, of course—it just manifests itself differently in the new season. Your Trek pride doesn't end with the slowdown of summer conventions ... It's time to head back into crowds of the unwashed at school, work, concerts or football games, and spread the Trek word. More and more, fans in that mode like the subtle approach in displaying their fandom—subtle, that is, or unaltered.

And in a movie year like 2013, any mass mainstream audience thoughts turning to Star Trek turn to Star Trek Into Darkness, of course. With its intensive and long media blitz worldwide, the latest film is the surest way, short of original Kirk and Spock, to get across your personal preference in pastime passions.

All this is to say that just because Into Darkness has come and mostly gone in theaters, though, is no reason that the title and design are not still "hot"...and it will already be Blu-ray/DVD release time come Sept. 10, anyway.

That's why, given the chance to pick out a few items from the official Star Trek Shop at shop.startrek.com— exclusive items from STID, and with many characters and slogans— I kept it simple and went with the basic. And by basic I mean unaltered.

Such as: your basic T. No catch phrases for me—just that original ad image of Harrison atop London rubble in the outline of an insignia patch.

And what better way to get the message across than that original STID teaser image—the "poster" version of the T-shirt, when you order it at the Trek store online. Sure, you can catch the manicure models donning it, but here's how mine looked: it's a quality garment and one

Next up, your fandom-display options expand when school's back in session—whether for you, or one of your kids. Proclaiming your faves via notebook cover is an old hallowed tradition in those first back-to-school days. Establishes your identity in the ego pool, right? So I also chose this basic-teaser option ... Into Darkness journal book: More the scope of college students and pros. but it gets the point across to anyone sitting across from you: "Shall We Begin?"

Finally, nothing is more personal and telling these days than the cover one chooses to sheath a smartphone in. For me, my iPhone 5 can sit tight in this STID case—again, basic and unadorned with extra wordage, but what a tough little side tri for ruggedness. But hey, there's plenty other designs to pick from: Your mileage may vary. (And it makes a statement to those who no longer look at your notebook.)

The official store has a whole slew of exclusive and basic fun gear heralding Into Darkness—and some oldtimers, too. Take a peek, get on their list, and get first dibs when a rock-out sale pops up!

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