Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I really am alive! Give the podcast thing a try, and see

(UPDATE: An erroneous link to The Lou Trek Show episode at first posting has now been corrected.)

While we scramble to get Trekland HQ back up in ship-shape, er, shape... and I once again say "Next year!" to a DragonCon visit ... I wanted to let you know I've not toally been off the radar—and perhaps introduce you to to the fun world of podcasts, if you're a newbie to all that.

Yes, three different Trek podcast series have had me on just since the Vegas Khhaaaan koncluded.

Once again, by show of hands with our Vegas audience, I got it that a lot of them in the smaller theater were not big podcast fans—which is exactly why so many of the friendly rival series were on hand at the Khhaaann, to convert new listener-downloaders. They did a hella job both covering the con's events, planned and unplanned, and also sponsoring the appearance of Huston's New Starship non-profit bridge museum project.

So, take a taste here—each of these three had me in various capacities: some about my projects, some to help them out, and some just to shoot the interstellar breeze regarding Trek:

Just up Friday, Lou Costanzo and Brian Baker had me on for the 201st edition (wow) of the Lou Trek Show, and we talked about all things Trekland—INCLUDING a sneak peek at some news of a new project I haven't formally announced yet! You can see Lou Trek Show's Ep. 201 with me here, complete with all the reference sidebar links... or grab it off iTunes or RSS. LouTrek is in the Trek Mate Network of podcasts and posts a new show most every Friday.

In a different style, host Jon Park and a bevy of panelists pummelled me on live radio with questions from all over Trek via their fans and each other for Keep On Trekkin's Episode 10, "An Evening With Larry Nemecek." My apologies to them as a family change in plans took me away after only 40 minutes, but I promise to make it up to all of them, including Bishop, FullBack and the lovely Kestra, among many more. Keep On Trekkin' is a member show of True Podcast Media where it airs live every Friday at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT over Black Star Radio, then is remastered and ready for download the next Tuesday at the show site, iTunes, and Stitcher.

Finally, it was an honor for Roddenberry's celebrated Mission Log Podcast to have me on as moderator for the Vegas panel/Q&A about the series, which followed on (no break!) in the small theater right after my own Trekland fan forum on "the State of the Trek." That Aug. 9 session was recorded and posted as a Supplemental, Episode 55A: "John and Ken Play the Rio" (look for the fifth show icon-link at far right). It was an honor and a privilege to help John Champion and Ken Ray with their rare annual face-to-face meeting, and to highlight this acclaimed in-depth series and its plans. For our Vegas special, listen and/or download here—and just look for # 055A. Mission Log is part of the Nerdist Network, with regular episode centric shows, in aired order, up each Thursday; they just hit Season 3 and posted "Spock's Brain." (No, seriously.).

Don't forget you can also grab all of these great podcast series and keep up via their Twitter feeds and/or Facebook pages, natch. I mean, it IS 2013.

And that ain't all for me. Be listening for a couple more coming up soon: I'll be a guest of the always-raucous Terry and NIck of the Sunday G&T Show, plus a "Desert Island Trek" segment of TrekMate's 10Forward podcast —more great series you should give a try.

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