Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our STC "family" Kickstarter thank-you had a SCRIPT

Whether you were able to donate or not, please take a sec and check out this pretty awesome thank-you video to our Kirkstarter donors on the Star Trek Continues Facebook page ...It's the idea and execution of Todd "Spock" Haberkorn, with STC audio boomer Michelle Siles wrangling and webmaster Steve Crandall in support. I can't embed the video, so just follow the link.

By the way: If you are kicking yourself for missing this three-episode drive and its perks, good news: there's now an STC Paypal page to make a donation now, and everything sent there by "early" donors will roll over to the next Kickstarter drive and rewards at that time.

Meanwhile, to show how pretty basic everything is with ST Continues... here's Michelle with the actual thank-you "script" that people all claimed a word on (not counting at least a half-dozen more who were gone by this time)... plus a little proofreading by the resident words editor of the troupe, *ahem*:

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