Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Trek podcast sampler—using me as the common point

As I started to say last week:  I've been negligent to post all the new/young or excellent/established podcasts that have had me on in recent weeks, and to sing their praises.

For starters, here's a batch of links to the episodes of good pods that have invited me on since I last shared some last fall..what with all the Stellar Cartography, Star Trek Continues, Geek Nation "LA2Vegas" Tour and other Trekland madness going on. Sorry to podbomb you with so many at once!

Now, no two are just alike: some of their formats offer news or other guests too, so sampling a few is a great way to run the buffet and find the Trek host and show attitude that fits you … or even two or three or seven. Podcasting of all topics is a booming field, the Trek shows especially—some are one-offs, some part of a "network" and some building their own. But almost no one is making any pennies from it. Like so much of Trekland, these host-producer guys and gals are all in for the love and passion of living Trek in a new and different way, interacting with friends—and even strangers!

It's now a huge part of our get-your-fix answer to Trek addiction today without a new series every week.

For starters, last weekend's live shows are now archived for downloading: both All Things Trek Ep. 136 and the Jeff-Trek three-ring circus marathon!  ... and now today the new TrekMate video version of Ep. 76 (or the less-scary regular audio pod). But then also there's this wacky widespread bunch (many of which are available on iTunes):
Sunday G&T Supplemental (just Friday) with Terry Lynn Schull, Nick "Gettysburg 7" Minecci and Michael Midieros

Treks in Sci-Fi Ep. 477 (no, really) with host Rico Dostie, 2/21/14
Sci-Fi Diner  Ep. 197 with host Scott Herzog, 2/14/14

Trek1701 Ep. 7 of 2/28/14 with host Chris Lockhart, discussing Dr. McCoy, De Kelley and Karl Urban ... plus Ep. 5 on ST Continues and Ep. 4 re: things Trekland AND Enterprise series history.

The Rusted Robot Ep. 8 , 2/1/14, with hosts Shawn and Brigitte Vanderloo—more Canucks!

TREKCAST Ep. 106 from Jan. 20,  the original and newly rebooted, done in-studio Jan. with David Ivy (but alas missing co-host Darren Benjamin)

Tribbles in Ecstasy Ep. 95  with host Xander et al, Nov. 23, and then Ep. 100 with Michele Specht! and host Kudzu, Jan. 10

The Warp 5 podcast Ep. 24 of Jan. 9, covering Enterprise Season 3, with host Chris Jones
Earth Station One (ESO) Ep. 195 with host Bobby Nash, Jan. 2
The Delta Quadrant Nov. 14 for an Insurrection insight recap special

Keep On Trekkin' Ep. 23, Nov. 20,  with host "Don Burrito" Shaffer LIVE on Jan.10 over Holosuite Media

GeekEZ Ep. 14, Dec. 9, with hosts Adam Ihle and Xander Hayes on Holosuite Media

3 Drunk Geeks Ep. 43 of Dec. 4, with hosts James Laird, Neil Picard and Nick Grover 

Subspace Communique's "Life After Trek" Ep. 25 on Oct. 17, with good buddy Chris Wood and Bye Bye Robot's Charity Wood as hosts.

Whoa…. that's a lot. I need to do this update more often! But it does show the diversity that's out there—and just in TREK Podcasting!

See what you think of them.

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