Tuesday, May 13, 2014

After 12 years—TWELVE YEARS—I'm finally jumping the pond, back into the land of Lt.
John Kyle and Lt. Malcolm Reed.

For now it can be told:

DESTINATION STAR TREK "3" will be back in London—an all-Trek mega-show and licensed by CBS, on Oct. 3-5 ...

... and I will be there! The show announced the initial guest list today, and thanks to Media 10 and Showmasters I'm very thrilled to be among that batch of great Trek guest actors—with even more to come.

Now, please understand: I've enjoyed my time with the crazy German fans for many conventions—and I'm about to head for famous fabulous FedCon in Dusseldorf later this month.

But I've also partied with even Italian, Greek, and Czech fans since I got to raise a pint or 47 with my peeps in Blimey, which is also global prime-time Trekland. That trip was in 2002...and that followed our only other stage appearance six years earlier, the amazing 1996 Generation II show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Mind you, this is coming from the guy who has written a column for UK-based Titan's Star Trek (Monthly) since its fifth issue in 1995 .... yes, 1995... and was a writer and art coordinator for the storied, original UK-based Fact Files for all six years of its incredible go-round.

That leaves a lot of both fans AND colleagues in the UK whom I've not crossed paths with in ages...and it's safe to say I just can't wait to be heading back, finally. I'm really looking forward to sharing time with our old fan friends and all those who's come along since then, reading and following our projects very kindly but never getting a chance give a yell in person.

Since the "old" Star Trek world I knew blew up on the corporate, production, and licensee levels in 2005-06, you readers know it's been quite a ride to figure out how to share my Trekland perspectives of past, present and future as it has evolved over those "fallow" post-TV Trek years.

A chance to party with the UK's finest is a long time coming... and meet all those Facebook and Twitter folks in person. Several have let me know they wrote to request that I be invited, and them are the mates who'll get me to pick up the pub bill!*

*Uh....proof of dated petition required on that one.

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