Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Coordinates go: Germany's FedCon, Phoenix Comicon!


It's been 11 years since the big stage there, and five years since the small… but I'm thrilled to be headed back to Germany this weekend to see all our Deutschlander Treklanders at FedCon, Germany's biggest Trek/sci-fi media blast now in its 23rd edition.

And what's wild is, the good folks at Phoenix Comic-Con the next weekend have me back again to share, host and Trek up the place amid that multi-genre boom show—the place where Star Trek Continues had its world premiere of Episode 1, and where STC is among the fun duties I'll be handling again.. that one with Todd "Spock" Haberkorn, anime star deluxe and the only STC castmember who missed the 2013 premiere. Seems fitting.

But as for Dusseldorf's big show, well… time was we were regular visitors to the third-biggest Trek national market in the world, but the fallow Trek years took a toll on everyone. The Germans and their conventions have always been the most operatic, and at the same time the most party-minded, of any in the world. Or perhaps it's just the scale of FedCon—where even though it's not been all-Trek for some time, it's still a big bash for those of the Nacelle and Redshirt League.

What will be a blast is doing my third "Dr. Trek Show" crowdfunder-meetup for The Con of Wrath at PCC on Saturday night… what will be historic is doing one in a private home near Phoenix on Thursday night....and what will be amazing is doing it for the first time in Germany.

In fact, for as many old German friends as I know will be coming, I've not had the chance to visit and swap stories of all my new projects since Trekland launched, "On Speaker" went to CDs,  the Trekland Trunk opened up,  Stellar Cartography came off the presses and of course the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum (now in Kickstarter!) and the Enterprise in Space non-profit projects have come about, with me taking a board seat on each.   Not to mention The Con of Wrath. And Trek Continues.

It all remands me how we've had the entire social media, end of TV Trek, rise of JJ moviedom, Blu-ray remasters, fan film boom and so much more just in that decade I've been "away" from my second convention home. I can't wait to mix it up—and my thanks to Dirk Bartholomew for getting me back.

Aside from a "Between the Cracks" show and "Dr. Trek", we'll also be doing an old-fashioned Vegas-style Rapid Fire trivia, and also a "Captions Logged" live show of blooper caption contestants modeled after what "Lost and Found" in my Titan Trek mag column has evolved into. Fun stuff, guys. Want to see a so-so translation?

Whew. Closer to home, two days later and I'll tee it up again for Phoenix: here's my schedule, with a panel each day and PLUS our Con of Wrath event on Saturday 9-11 pm in MY ROOM for another zany evening and my gratitude.

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Arsenal Best said...

Dear Larry,

it was a blast to meet you at the FedCON!
We have to thank you for a very nice chat and the rare and a bit strange yet awesome experience, having a celebrity like you chasing us down for taking a picture and not viceversa. :D
We really wished we would have stayed longer to have the chance for a further talk. But anyway, thank you so much for your kind words and we are really thrilled to have met you in person (especially me, being a huge fan of Star Trek Continues).
Thank you, it was a great pleasure.
best wishes
The "Steam Trekkers"
Jules H. Aetherton & Arsenal Best