Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Calling all artists: FLY your ship for Enterprise in Space

I've already sounded off about our amazing, inspiring Enterprise in Space project—the homage to our sci-fi heritage sending the experiments of future thinkers aloft...the grassroots chance to be a "virtual crewmember"...but here's the first thing, right now:


The worldwide competition to create the NSS Enterprise orbiter is detailed here at the EIS site, but you don't have to be an space engineer or a CGI artist or sci-fi illustrator to enter. Anyone can do it—and don't worry about real-world concerns: we'll have folks who will adapt it for orbit and re-entry.

I mean, why just doodle, or publish, or get your design on camera.. .when you could create an eight-foot ship that actually flies in space? With 100+ science experiments aboard?

But you do need to know the entry deadline is Monday, Dec. 8!

You don't even have to join the "virtual crew" with your grassroots tax-deductible $20 in order to enter—but every bit helps, of course.

Once the design is accepted, after getting down to a round of finalists, we'll share the winner and the design with the world—and get on with translating the design to workable fabrication for its launch in late 2018 or 2019 aboard an orbital booster rocket, per the Enterprise in Space plan. We'll even share the works of our finalists.

But you gotta get crackin'!

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