Thursday, November 6, 2014

LA ALERT: Jimmy Darren sings it 'Vic ' style Nov. 13

He's done it around the country... he's done it with orchestras, at Trek cons the past few years—at Vegas Khaaan (at right, 2011), and most recently at Destination: Star Trek London.

But for the first time in 45 years, James Darren will bring his echo of DS9's "Vic Fontaine" here to a club in L.A., pallie!

"I can't believe I haven't sang at a club in L.A. since the old Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel in 1969," he told me.

Pencil in Jimmy's show for next Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Catalina Jazz Club at 6725 West Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 90028 Sunset, at Las Palmas. Better grab tickets now, online at the link above, and not put it off—or call (323) 466-2210. The show at 8:30 p.m., but doors open for dinner at 7. (Note this is NOT a club out on Catalina Island).

Jimmy promises a great night of standards, stories and comedy patter in the "Vic" vein—both from the old Vegas days, and maybe even DS9 in this "mainstream" location.

The crowd at DST3 in London (below) had a great time—including all those dancers on the floor!

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