Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday? Two quick gift ideas from Trekland!

Well, in the spirit of the day—a quick suggestion and a reminder this holiday season:

If you need stocking stuffers, or easy gifts for the workplace, schoolplace, churchplace or distant relatives... and don't mind taking a charitable tax deduction... why not get your friends and family likewise inspired into the future—and signed aboard the First Enterprise In Space?

I'm talking about offering "gift seats" as virtual crewmembers about "Enterprise in Space," the NSS Enterprise orbiter non-profit mission with student projects and aerospace demonstrators that will launch in 2019, sponsored by the National Space Society and with an incredible team in charge I'm pleased to be part of.

It's the same simple set-up as always: As with any donor of our only grassroots request (you can give more, of course, as your passion demands it!), each "crewmember" has their name added to a chip that will join the payload and be recovered—proving all those "aboard" were aboard the first really spaceborne Enterprise.

Yes, there's a gift certificate option you can download after your simple $20 donation (or more)—plus your loved one is set up to get all updates and special news over the four-year life of the mission til launch, and then after re-entry and recovery for display and touring, to boot!

Then, too: As a 501c(3) non-profit… if you need to do good works AND reduce your taxes, you can also park your giving with EIS as well by Dec. 31, or April 15. OR... even have us as your sci-fi convention or other event's beneficiary "charity," if you need one that looks futureward.

Of course, for variety, far be it for me not to also toss in a reminder about those REMASTERED archival interview Trekland CDs of mine, recorded during finales of TNG 1994 and DS9 1999—Vol. 2 and 3 (at left) still available in hard-shell and ready for an autograph if you want it, now with a 2-fer price!  I'm also happy to personalize to whatever giftee name you'd like, if you just include the info on the order form.

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