Sunday, November 15, 2015

STV: Need your lost Vegas Trek wedding plaque?

We finally get back on track with our vidchats here—and while this was recorded a while back, the project is very much still in play:

Anyone who got married from 1998-2004 at the late, great Star Trek: The Experience at the old Las Vegas Hilton may not realize it, but there's an historical marker of their wedding they may not even be aware of.

And now, local fan J. Marty Dormany has rescued those markers—small plaques with each couple's name and wedding date that were once affixed to a plaque that hung at the venue—and is trying to reunite each couple with their piece of Trek history.  Just give a listen and learn how:

FYI: Portal 47 members got to view this video up to 72 hours early before it went public—one feature of their deep-dive Trekland access. 

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