Monday, December 14, 2015

Gift mail deadlines in Trekland—there's all kinds & prices

Happy holidays! Here's a quick note for you Trekland shoppers and celebrants:

I don't often cross over here from the blog to The Trekland Trunk, the colletibles/gifts outlet for my archival artifacts and oldie/funky retail items. But as the gift season for Christmas winds down, here's a couple of reminders that there's more stuff out of the Trunk than ever before right now, and that some deadlines are fast upon us:

—This week's Sunday-ending "regular" eBay rounds and the "live-n-local" Sunday items on Facebook will be the last that can be mailed in time for easy Christmas receipt. I will catch up all mailings by that next day—Monday, Dec. 21. That hopefully means arrivals by Dec. 24 at the latest. (These photos of TNG door label, James Doohan autograph, Nemesis crew jacket and 2x3x2 TNG Stage 8 stage plan are but a few of what's up this week)

—I"m putting a few other 24/7 items up, both studio collectibles and routine-but-old retail items, as well. They may run through Monday, but I will also get them out the next day.

—For those who are looking for tax-deductible "office decor" or the like, I'll have some items up even through Christmas and until the first of the year.

—Of course, anything can be grabbed at any time if you are so moved.  No need to wait til bid closing dates! I've been putting up a few more "smaller" and yet collectible items, too.

Oh, and one more note: PORTAL 47 has grabbed a lot of my bandwidth this season, but don't forget Trekland: On Speaker remastered archival CDs when you need a great stocking-stuffer for the hungry background Trekfan on your list. The last 3 annual titles are all in stock, and there are multi-disk specials—check it out!

Just order by noon Monday to ensure domestic US arrival by Dec. 24!

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