Friday, February 12, 2016

A real 'killer' con gig for me—for the Sooner!

Well, this is fun: There's nothing like a shoutout from your old hometown, all in the name of a good cause.

But did I just pick up another convention appearance this year?

The historic Sooner Theatre Foundation back in Norman, OK (also home to Football Ground Zero) has a recent tradition of hosting cute, themed original murder mystery dinner musicals each winter to help fund its youth programs.

And it looks like I just became a local accessory to the deed. 

Proving the geeks HAVE won, this year's extravaganza is  "Sci-Fi Murder Con," an interactive whodunit running three nights this weekend that is peppered with characters supposedly attending the USFUS, or "United Science Fiction Universe Society," per local attorney, theatre booster and onetime State Student Council Workshop mate-of-mine Ben Odom.

"The plot is Star Trek vs. Star Wars for control of the United Fan Convention—the Kirk type gets murdered, and Dr Who is the detective," Ben tells me. "I play a fan (below, at left) who dresses up as a TOS Klingon and writes fan fiction."

And here's the kicker:

In the best spirit of any Trek graphic goodie, he listed moi as the con's "keynote speaker"!

"The  'program' is a stage prop we point to at times in the show, so there is only a front and back cover to it. But I thought this would be a little in-joke for some in Norman… and a fun salute to your Trek cred !" 

"We are sold out for the three nights already," he adds. "It will raise all the money needed for youth programs for the theater."

And if I can be a guest at another great local con with a charity like that—who am I to quibble that it's all fictional?

Thanks, Ben, for the great nod from some of the homies who remember me—and recall that I was involved with the old Can-Do Follies at the Sooner during the depressing oil bust years of the '80s.  (In fact, the "networking" button I wore as Caleb McCoy in Allison Winter's Divine White web series was THE button we had for the troupe and the spirit-raising campaign back then.)

If you are in the area, why not check out the ticket status just in case  get yourself to downtown Norman for a great rollicking cause?  Just don't blame me if the USFUS concomm never comes to pick me up at the airport.

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