Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Four in a row? National events where I'll be Trekking

It's finally here. 2016—otherwise known as Trek's 50th anniversary year—is just crazy with all kinds of events large and small, and some of them for the broader public are not even "conventional" conventions. 

For me, from SoCal to Louisiana and Ohio, the 5-0 year kicks off with a bang on a real range of events—from old friends to all-new cities! I'm so excited.

More details coming soon—all have been on my calendar for some time—but in brief, for now:
Gallifrey One here in LA THIS weekend is, yes primarily a Who con and, yes, sold out  months ago, as usual—but if you are there it's worth a mention! I'll be amid several Star Trek Continues events Saturday, plus my own hour at 1:30 pm Sunday....and some table-time as well. All at the LAX Marriott.

—Then, all the way to Alexandria, Louisiana, the next Saturday, Feb. 20, where I'm the guest of honor at "CreativeCon" sponsored by the Rapides Parish Libraries at the Alexandria Mall there. No visit for me to either Lake Charles con this year, so here's hoping all our Cajun buds can make it to Alexandria and catch our latest show, aimed at a broad audience and called "Star Trek: Fifty Years of the Not-So Final Frontier." (Give'em a head's up, my Pelican Stater Treklanders, and click on their Facebook Event page,)


—The next weekend, Feb. 26-28, I'm in San Diego and honored to join the guest list headlined by original series (and early TNG) luminaries Dorothy Fontana, David Gerrold and Bjo Trimble at longtime sci-fi ConDor Con XXIII, at the Town and Country Hotel and Center.
More on that later, too—but get your memberships now! This is a rare treat—and in an easy-going atmosphere, too. ConDor has been around 23 years and has all your fun trappings of a lit/SF con, too—Trek is merely the focus this year.

—And then, two weeks later over March , another true first for me: I'll be in Cleveland! Thanks to CONCoction, an emerging media convention that is a just-right size to have Trek fun but without the sardine effect. And since I've not experienced much fandom in the old Midwest, much less Ohio, I'm doubly excited to bring Trekland and share with fans there. If you're in the region, I'd love to see you at the Airport Sheraton—so check out the schedule and tickets now!

We catch a breather then before a hop across the pond in the U.K., hitting Sci-Fi Scarborough in that coastal town April 9-10! And in some lavishly quaint digs—check out the tickets there ...and I'll have more soon.

You can see the rest of my con year as it emerges on my calendar, too—and if you're thinking about jumping in on the booming #LA2Vegas and/or #SFSF legs of Geek Nation Tours this year, act fast—we have 10 tour spots left, but those Creation #STLV tickets are about gone!

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