Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Star Trek 2017 TV Logo and First-Look Teaser!

Well, they managed to upstage the "Beyond" movie event Friday, after all. Dang those UpFronts' timing! The Internet is melting down as we speak! 

And now the first hint of a webpage for ST2017 just went live!

Here's to someone finally getting that it can be synergy, not competition, between these two giants corners of Gene's sandbox. Even if by accident. The two news headlines ought to reinforce each other, in mainstream media circles, as #TheWeekOfTwoTrailers.

Meanwhile, here in Trekland, this new TV promo has to be one of the slickest teaserly-only moments for any such anticipatedly secret/undeveloped early stage project ever. Sure shows some Who title influences as well as alt-verse... which proves that, yes, CBS production values and CGI have indeed proceeded along since 2005. Relax, fansonce again, you don't look backwards to the last war when you're about to fight the next one, so to speak.

Or ...maybe this joy merely springs from the knowledge we have already, and what we have is a hunger+faith formula to end the Fallow Times and Boldly Go every week again. Finally.

What do YOU think? I know I can't wait to deep-dive this series as soon as the dust settles. Or, yeah, probably a lot sooner.

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