Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gulf Coast fans—hit me up at Pensacola Comic Con!

Well, this is exciting! I've never been to the upper Gulf Coast before...much less the Emerald Coast.

But here I am at family-focused Pensacola Comic Con this weekend, Aug. 20-21, with all things Trekland and Portal 47—and we'll be talking about all things new and Star Trek: Discovery, of course! Thanks to Ericka Boussarhane for having me—and my stargazing buddy/blues boy Tim Russ to rep Trek as well.

This is the smaller of Pensacola's two big cons, and I have no idea about the shape or size of  Gulf Trek fandom, but we'll sure find out. I have a panel each day... It's not like there's a shortage of topics .... AND I'll even be grabbing yet one more "Con of Wrath" Survivor, too, while in town.

So who's near the famous white beaches and can make it by?

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