Thursday, September 8, 2016

Portal 47: One year old—just now getting its space legs

Hard on the heels of Thursday's #Happy50 #StarTrek50 celebrating...

It's hard to believe, but it was just one year ago that I sprung the official launch of PORTAL 47 on an unsuspecting Trekland.... where no savvy fan had gone before.

And despite a couple of opening-night glitches as I scrambled to self-produce a combination talkshow/podcast/intro session, the Portal since then has echoed that famous phrase: From tiny acorns, mighty Orion oaks grow. 

And now a brand-new modern webpage (above)!, you know.

I'd heard it for years: "All that Trek stuff you have, the people you know, the things you remember? You should do something with that!" —I was finally able to take that advice, thanks to my coaches and friends, and build a Star Trek experience that was unique to fandom, and uniquely my voice and resources.

Our online Telebriefing in session w TOS guest Andrea Weaver
It's only a quirk of timing that I launched this on Sept. 9Trek Anniversary Day +1. We'd given sneak peeks at the summer cons and taken early-bird members, but THIS was the real deal showtime—where the biggest part of the monthly Portal package was on display—and my thanks to both "early caller" Dave Rossi and my "sample guest" Mike DeMerritt for helping me get out of spacedock and on with the maiden flight.

Since then we've added slide shows (left) and even webcam video to our sessions... our private P47 Facebook community has turned into a bunch of snappers and sharers ... and our Live-Dives have sprung up wherever I'm a live guest at a con with 47ers present. The word is spreading, and members are popping in every week now!

Of course, my thanks also to Mike and all our original Telebriefing guests: David Trotti, Richard Sarstedt, Ron B. Moore, Alan Sims, Robin Morselli, Phil Weyland, Marvin Rush, Brad Look, Andrea Weaver, Eric Stillwell, David Stipes and Steve Welke. And many to come!

As well as more features to come— including those TrekTours for LA daytrippers I've been promising... plus an ALL-NEW premium level of the Portal that I'm very excited about!

Most of all, I'm planning a First Anniversary Telebriefing Special for Wed., Oct. 5, with another veteran Treklander on the call! 

I'll be getting out the deets on that to everyone on my lists and media—and beyond—but if you have an itchy phaser finger, feel free to sign up now. The "Founding Deep-Diver" T-shirt special for first-year charter Portales is available until the night of the call Oct. 5.... so check out the sign-up links at ... or email me at with questions.

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