Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello Albany: Trekland finally hits the Northeast!

All right! I can't wait to hit the Northeast for, naturally,  Northeast Trek Con coming up Nov. 11-13, since I've never had the chance to visit in the region—as either a con guest or as a tourist, or both. One exception: that short 2005 visit to the New Voyagers/Phase II sets; otherwise, I've never been east or really north of New York City. 

Until now—or Veterans Day weekend, that is...and the debut of this new convention, an old-school fan-run charity throwback but with a shuttlebay full of great actor and behind-the-scenes guests (see Facebook and Twitter, too, for more late-breaking info).

I hear that a lot of Trek fans in the Northeast still may not have heard of this start-up con—so please take notice! There's still plenty for ticket-buyers and room-renters at the Albany Radisson. And I would love to meet as many new fans from this end of the country as I can!

I want to thank Jerry Silber and his team for having me, and what a great a lineup—with even more on Skype. Just check it out!

I get to bring the Portal 47 word to the Northeast, show off the Dr. Trek Show for The Con of Wrath, and evangelize about Enterprise in Space as well. In fact, I'll be getting an important early "blogger" on camera for the doc who was at the Ultimate Fantasy in June 1982 just ahead of this weekend, so I'm doubly excited for that.

Look at this lineup below—and this is just MY stuff!: a mix of solo shots, panels, and moderating for others, including a Skype session. (Here's the full schedule.)  I'll also have a Trekland/Portal 47 table when not on stage:


Noon—Welcome to Northeast Trek:  The Year Behind, the Year Ahead
w Arne Starr, James Cawley and moderator Jeff Burns

5 pm—  Trekland Between the Cracks: 5-0 Fever and Beyond: The latest update to my regular Trek hour as we go "beyond" the 50th and "discover" some new ways to look at its
past, present and future... via my slideshow of in-jokes and insights and your Q&A, too!

9 pm — Captions Log: The home edition of my Trek magazine column, where you come up with the best caption to a blooper photo, and the audience might just judge you a prize winner! (And yes, this is late night for a reason...).

Noon— Adam Nimoy Skype chat: And I do the moderating! Have you seen For the Love of Spock yet?

3 pm—Voyager panel with Garrett Wang and Bob Picardo: Well, I was on the lot, too!

7 pm — Enterprise in Space, 2120: Hear the latest on this global non-profit orbiter program launching 100+ student STEAM projects and partner-industry demos on the first real Enterprise in Space, sponsored by the National Space Society…and how can help and get involved, too.

10:15 (approx.) — The Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder event for The Con of WrathFinally, in the Northeast! Your $20 support at the door gets a screen credit on my documentary PLUS two hours of prize trivia, rare Trek video, and sneak peeks with George, Nichelle, Walter, the late Harve Bennett, and more. (Here's the Facebook event page, so click in or gete more info).


11 am — The State of the Trek forum: Bring your opinions and your vents—but be prepared to not only share but listen to others, after I get you started.
2 pm — A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy with Robin Curtis: Happy to moderate the lovely Robin after too long a time as moderator.  
4 p.m.— Star Trek’s 50 Years: Why It Has Endured: Panelist, with half the rest of the guest line-up. Five C's time, anyone?

So, upstate and New England fans—will I see you there?

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