Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hoosier Trek buddies? Starbase Indy THIS weekend!

What a way to close out the 50th anniversary—with a visit back to all my Trek friends this post-turkey Thursday at Starbase Indy!

This old-school, fan-run hotel con sure has lived long and prospered since we first were invited back during Enterprise's reign, and then a couple more visits since. Long the passion of chair Kim Huff, this year she's handed off to Melissa Kocias and I can't wait to see how it's grown.

Also, this visit I have a specific Enterprise in Space panel to share updates on our non-profit global orbiter-borne
space program for students—and I'm excited to finally MEET  and have onsite our EIS chief engineer, Fred Becker! 

Table-side, I'll have another Portal 47 sign-up bonus and even a prize drawing... plus the latest On Speaker CD edition for the 50th.

And—I'm also looking forward to talking Trek and Starbase Indy Saturday on the local WXIN Channel 59 morning show!

Of course, there's a Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder Saturday night for The Con of Wrath, too, here in this final year of production on the doc.  You can find me at m
y table at 10-5 Saturday and 10-4 Sunday, plus the Dinner With the Stars:

NOTE, Indy fangoers: The printed program onsite does not contain all updates. The online and live schedules, will be updated —and reflect all this below:


8:30-10:30 pm : VIP Reception— With all the guests


3 pm —   Trekland: Between the Cracks: "Discovering Beyond the Big 5-0": The latest update of my regular Trek hour as we go "beyond" the 50th and "discover" some new ways to look at its past, present and future... via my slideshow of in-jokes and insights and your Q&A, too!  I'll also be talking a bit on Enterprise in Space, our non-profit global student-focused space orbiter program. (Guinan's Place Theatre)

11 pm — Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath
(Get more info on the Facebook Event page; it helps if you CLICK it early, too!) Your $20 support at the door gets a screen credit on my documentary PLUS, here live: two hours of prize trivia, rare Trek video, and sneak doc peeks with George, Nichelle, Walter, the late Harve Bennett, Wende Doohan, and more. (Special Programs Room, Directors Row #1). And, if you choose, we still give you late-night time for the burlesque earlier and for Barfleet & room parties later! (Guinan's Place Theatre)

Noon—"The State of the Trek" Trekland is really changing, finally--but a lot if it may be catching us unawares: the business, the canon creation, the fandom.  I'll throw out somne thoughts and be ready to toss some out yourself, and to each other—this is a forum to get us all connecting the Trek dots in a new way, perhaps. (Tom Berg Memorial Bridge/ ballroom)

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