Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Subscribers: Please warp over to the *new* blog home of Trekland

Hey, loyal subscribers here to Trekland:  

Many thanks for keeping up with the blog and popping off! 

But you may have noticed there's been no new posts for a month now.

Truth is, my new FINALLY went live a couple weeks back— new look, new layout... and a new location for the blog!  All now on Wordpress instead of Blogger, if that means anything to you.


So, kindly point your browsers and redirect your RSS or other subscriptions now to  The nominal TREKLAND actual blog URL is now simply

But don't worry: Eight years of Trekland posts and vidchats are not going anywhere. I will be transferring most all the old posts to the new platform as the months go by.

For now, though, this original 2008-2016 site will stay on as a fully-indexed legacy archive, and "secret passage" links will be posted on both ends, oneto the other—as you can see in the margin here.

Happy aRSS-ing!

1 comment:

Tamara said...

Go to: rather than the URL above. The feed link gives you the html of the site. The first one actually works. Looks good too!