Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'10 Items' Trekkie show: T'Pol AND Wildman

Well.... it's sorta Wildman.

The late PR word went out that the TBS series 10 Items or Less featured a guest turn by Jolene Blalock this week, playing herself as a guest at a farcical Trek convention organized in the show's main setting, a grocery store...a parody plot played strictly for laughs.

But a hat-tip to my friend and colleague Marc Wade, who got to it before I could watch: our own Nancy Hower—Ensign Samantha Wildman for eight episodes of Voyager, mother of young Naomi—left acting for the production area, and is in her third season as co-creator and executive producer of 10 Items, a TBS sitcom. She also co-wrote and directed the episode this week, "Star Trock" (and no, that is no typo; you'll just have to watch to get it); it reruns Friday, Jan. 23 at 10:55 p.m. (Eastern).

where they are now.

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