Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, De

After all the Western meanies, but before Dr. McCoy, there was the first "good doctor" ...

... LAB CHIEF GREENE, the doctor in Gene Roddenberry's unsold 1966 pilot POLICE STORY (no relation to the '70s version). De's little bit of networking and new Kennedy-style hairdo helped win over the suits and got Gene the OK to finally hire him as "Bones" just two years later.

Inaugurations aside, Jan. 20 means only one thing each year—at least in Trekland: the chance to smile, cuss an affectionate "Dammit, Jim," and say hello in our hearts once more to Jackson DeForest Kelley. Each birthday from now on, look forward to Trekland trotting out a new and hopefully rare shot of De in some role or pose. Having passed away a decade ago, De would have been 89 this year... but for many of us he'll always be around. (Insert your own uplifting, hopeful postmortem quotes from ST II here if you like.)

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