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Theater TNG-2: Your pics, posts—and the Burbank Saga!

Thanks for chiming in and sending pics from all over Sector America for Fathom's high-def "TNG Celebration of Season 2" in theaters Thursday night. Here's the results...

Bur first, my own story—though you guys who catch my Facebook and Twitter feeds probably already heard about our "Debacle in Burbank."

No, it wasn't quite The Con of Wrath. But it was amazing that, while the rest of the West Coast was getting its 7 p.m. curtain for the Fathom Events' "TNG Celebration of Season 2," marking the Tuesday release of the Season 2 Remastered Blu-ray TNG set, we were sitting at the ol' AMC 16 staring at .. a gray screen. For an hour. And 10 minutes.

See, video we had... audio we did not.

I had to tweet to make sure (with hope) that it was only us, not the whole Pacific Time Zone. And, it was, thankfully. To their credit, the Burbank AMC handed out free future passes to everyone who stuck it out— at least 90% of the 125 or so who first set up shop for the show. (Above: Our crowd, still 20 minutes before the so-called start time)

And a second free pass later, after the 10:18 p.m. programmed cutoff "cut off" all right—halfway through "The Measure of a Man." Oops. (Talk about, "Where's the OVERRIDE?") This time, only a 10-minute delay and a 10-minute back-up repeated in the episode—which, thankfully, let us see that amazing restored cut footage of the Ten-Forward party scene.)

But most of our audience, just as everyone did nationwide, hung on for the whole amazing big-screen experience—the docs, the powerful punch of "Measure" and the Q antics, Guinan mystique, and first hint of mindless Borg relentlessness, all in "Q Who."

Just as with Remastered Season 1's Fathom Event for the new Blu-Ray sets, lots of you sent in pics and comments, per our invite—including most of our five Trekland trivia ticket giveaway winners and guests, from around the country:

Charles Wagner, Chicago WINNER:  Had a fun evening watch some #StarTrek #TNG in the theater with my mom. Thanks to @larrynemecek and @fathomevents for the tickets.


Our Boston WINNER, too:

Lauree Little, @ismetoo, Orlando WINNER: Had a great time @ the #StarTrek #TNG S2 event! Thanks so much @larrynemecek! #GreatShow

John Williams, SEATTLE winner:  

I  thank you for having the contest. Inside the theater the crowd was about 30 people. They were pretty subdued. Oh well, I've been a fan of Star Trek since re-runs of the original series so I was excited to see what was in store. "Q-Who was great for the theater for the action and adventure aspects.

All in all, I had a great time. It doesn't seem like 25 years have passed. Showing these episodes highlights the quality of the Star Trek production and writing.

This illustrates the fact that having another series is highly desirable in continuing the fan support of Trek; movies are nice, but a weekly series would be great.
[Stop stealing my soapbox, John!

But not all could be rosy:
Deborah P., NYC WINNER:  Thanks for the passes. Unfortunately, between work and traffic getting home, I wasn't able to make the show. I was watching the time tick away while I was in my car. Really disappointed. Ah well, so goes life.  

And here's more from the outposts:

Eric Hall , and Russell Boltz, USS Retributor, Salt Lake City: 


Erika Yvette Figueroa, Charleston, SC area: Our little group down here had an event celebrating ST:TNG Season 2 on Blu-ray. We were sponsored by Fathom Events, Regal Theaters and Soundwave Music, Movies & Comics. Fathom came through with free passes which we gave away as door prizes. We also held a costume contest and gave away loads of Star Trek tchotchkes.

We did this for Season 1, and I hope Fathom and CBS Home Videos will continue to do so for the subsequent seasons.

Thanks for all you do Larry to keep Star Trek and its fandom alive!
[No—thank YOU!]

Via Carl Stark from the USS Ticonderoga, Ogden, UT:

And then: No pics, but still more reports:

Think Geek's John Frazier, Fairfax, VA: The entire audience was debating the finer points of Picard's argument, and talked about how great the additional footage was. It was a great time, and I hope that there will be more of these showings!

Joe Daniele, Boston: The theater was packed and the crowd was brilliantly raucous and enthusiastic. I only hope Fathom continues this trend. I had never seen TNG or any syndicated Star Trek on the big screen and was pleasantly surprised and actually floored by the experience.

Paul Cannon, Hysham, MT: Only place showing #TNGS2 is 3.5 hrs away, but saw TNGS1 there. Life gets in the way. :-)

David Taylor, @SciFiCommons, Seattle:  I was a little surprised how much I enjoyed those episodes. I hadn’t seen either for a long, long, time.

Jonx, @delphinus44, "Jersey":  It was a great night !

Erika Clippinger @bassoongoddess , Silver Spring, FL :  I had tickets to go! But I had a dress rehearsal for orchestra. I cried.

David Williams, Phoenix: Kim and I were out for a showing last night. Great to see MOAM with additional footage! Theater was just about half full, but everybody enjoyed it!

Josh Hale, @expatminister, Lufkin, TX: Sadly, no pics. Only 5 folks in the theater. It is deep east Texas though.

Linda Webb Cleveland:  Jim Lowe and Chris are watching it in Albany, NY

Thomas Brown, Phoenix: @ Awatukee AMC 24. I wanted to take a picture of us next to the movie poster. The guy working the ticket counter told us that they dont put any up for special events. :(

And finally, to show that Treklanders are everywhere, EVEN right here with me:

Ted Thompson, Burbank, CA: "We went, and endured AMC's ineptitude, but loved the show - esp Measure - love that episode."

The Season 2 night cleverly ended with a Season THREE trailer for the CBS Blu-Ray set-to-come, as was tweeted too:NIck MInecci,@gettysburg7, Frederick, MD: The #TNG S3 trailer gave me goosebumps, seeing BoBW* on big screen, even in clips.  [*"The Best of Both Worlds," of course]

Does that mean that there's another Fathom theater night coming for Season 3, with  "BOTW" and the S3 trailer's similarly spotlighted "Yesterday's Enterprise" already pre-selected for the big-screen program?  No word yet, so we'll just have to wait—and keep up those long-range scans.

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