Thursday, November 29, 2012

TONIGHT: See the show, share your pics!

I hope you can join us and our five TREKLAND ticket winners, and thousands more across  the country (Sorry, Rest of World), at the big Next Generation Blu-ray HD "Celebration of Season 2" tonight at a theater near you, produced by Fathom Events. Tickets still available at the dozens of theaters nationwide!

As with the Fathom screening event last July, Thursday night is all to preview the next release of a season of TNG on the remeastered Blu-ray level—Season 2 of course—next Tuesday—though you can pre-order now.  On the menu tonight: "The Measure of The Man" with RESTORED deleted scenes cut for time, the Borg debut in "Q Who!", and 20 minutes of the brand-new running TNG documentary commissioned for the Blu-ray remastered project.

And just like last July, I'm asking everyone who intends to party tonight the Starfleet way (or Klingon, or Borg, or whatever flies your shuttle)  to send us your pics from tonight to share with everyone in Trekland!  Whether it;s just your group, or  the whole theatre.... Just email to, and I'll make sure my peeps get them to me.

For you locals in SoCal, I'll be screening TNGS2 at the big Burbank AMC downtown along with longtime Star Trek stand-in, on-camera extra, and pioneer Guy Vardaman —if you are around, let's try for a group pic around 6:30?  Mike & Denise Okuda, who again worked on this remastered project, have tweeted to join them over at the Century City (LA); rumor has it that doc producer RObert KMeyter Burnett will be there too.

I still can't believe that Fathom and CBS Home Entertainment have launched a theater event for the second season release, so get out and make an impact tonight! You do want to see "Yesterday's Enterprise," "Sins of the Father," "The Offspring" or of course "The Best of Both Worlds" as incfredible Season 3 explodes for TNG all back on big-screen too, right?


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