Saturday, February 8, 2014

STV: 'The Cure' saves the day (and my throat) for ST Continues' "Lolani"!

More of our premiere week goodies for "Lolani," the second episode from Star Trek Continues …. 

Makeup wizards Tim Vittetoe and Lisa Hansell have a fabulous concoction for raspy ruined throats called simply "The Cure," which they shared when I had to save my voice at the very beginning of the 2011 Vegas Khaaan. I swear by it now!

So when travel crud threatened to do the same sabotage to my first real shoot day during the October 2013 filming of STC's second episode, I asked Lisa to refresh me on the recipe. Thanks to Gull Weaver for the emergency shuttle ride and daughter Carson, who shot this video for history's sake—they whisked me over to Applebee's, the only bar open in town before noon in Kingsland—and with all the ingredients... or close enough. And then bartender Nellie did the rest, just in time!

The record shows I then survived the rest of the week. 


"Lolani" premiered the night of Saturday, Feb. 8 at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo and soon afterward online at the STC Episodes site, via YouTube and Vimeo.  I'll have some more spoiler-filled vids up soon, once the world gets a gander at the episode.

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Anonymous said...

I like the Applebee's Mgr (?) shooing away the kids in the background. Everyone wants to be in a scene with you!

Larry Nemecek said...

Heh! You noticed that, did you?

Proves Applebee's managers get all KINDS of training--even media crowd control.

Anonymous said...

Well, you can't go on and on about it and not say what's in it!

Anonymous said...

Poorly written article. And as another reader states, it is never said what is in it. Which, seemed to be central to the story. Not logical.

Larry Nemecek said...

Sorry, guys—it's not my recipe to give away!

Sorry, Anon2—the point of the story was the event itself, the goofiness of context with the morning drink mix in a small-town Applebee's, and promoting the premiere of Star Trek Continues' Ep. 2 "Lolani."