Saturday, February 8, 2014

STV—From beard to Bones: I "face up" to the STC online premiere of 'Lolani'!

UPDATE: The doctor saves his own throat.
More coming…

It's premiere day! How 'bout we celebrate with a shave?!

"Lolani," episode 2 of Star Trek Continues, will have its world premiere tonight at Dallas Sci-Fi Expo and online at midnight Central thereatfer (10 p.m. Pacific, 1 am Eastern). It's a guest-centric episode this time, with some marvelous guests led by Lee Ferrigno—with Erin Gray, to boot.

So, of course, here's a spoiler-free video first: one that was requested by my Fanpage crew—after they scolded me for failing to have the momentous first go-round's shave event  on camera. I've gone ahead and let the scintillating video play out here with no time-lapse or cuts... only to get crashed at the end, as you see above, by Todd "Spock" Haberkorn and Steve "Chief Drake" Dengler.

This dates back to the eve of the shoot in October at Farragut Studios in Georgia, and a big thanks to "Ceker" and handygal 2nd AD Hannah Barucky for directing the Sony so patiently. Hang on for the whole thing, and who knows what you might learn.

As for today, only Vic "Kirk" Mignogna, Todd, and director Chris White are on scene in Dallas with some crew for the live hoopla for "Lolani"—but the rest of us will enjoy your reaction as we all watch the Interwebs at the STC site on Vimeo or YouTube. Sequels are tricky, so I'm anxious to see what you think!

Think, that is, of either the episode... OR this goofy moment in the tonsorial arts ....

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