Monday, May 18, 2015

Can't wait for CONduit—see you in SLC!

For the first time since the mid-'90s, I'm headed back to Salt Lake City this weekend for CONduit —and if you are of a fannish persuasion and anywhere in the Beehive State, you ought to get there, too: Plenty to do, but plenty of room to breathe without sucking on sardine juice.

I'm really looking forward to this: CONduit, as the naming convention implies, is a good "old fashioned' litcon fan convention, in a hotel, where the guests are various flavors of GoHs— and you can find all the fannish works and local touches. Even room parties!  The folks there are taking good care of me and I can't wait to chew the fat, spread the news and soak up some new fanland vibes. Here's what's up for me—including a Dr. Trek Show (you can click in on the Facebook event ticker now) and new word from EIS:
FRIDAY (all in Zion Ballroom):
1 PM - "Voyager: 20 Years Later"—Images and in-jokes on this anniversary (the subject of this year's TREKLAND: On Speaker, to debut as usual at Vegas Khhaaann) and some open forum, too!

4 PM - "Crowdfunding and Kickstarting" (with Artist GoH Jessica Douglas)—Drawing upon my experience with The Con of Wrath, Star Trek Continues, and even watching friends like Red Shirt Diaries and the small Star Trek: Digital Catalog.

7 PM - Ice Cream Social & Meet the Fan Clubs —I'll be milling!

SATURDAY (all in Zion Ballroom except "The Dr. Trek Show"):

1:00 PM - Enterprise in Space—I will have our world-premiere new video that just launched the night before at the International Space Development Conference in Toronto

4:00 PM - Nimoy Remembered—Nuff said. Look for images; expect to share memories.

10-12 PM The  "Dr. Trek" Con of Wrath Crowdfunder—(Stillwater Room, poolside)! Sure you could help out my documentary online, but when I'm live-n-local, I love to give fans a chance to take home prizes and grab some rare views and sneak peeks—and get me to talk tales when maybe I shouldn't!  (You locals, please note this time clears the costume contest and leaves you a couple hours ot hit the room parties!) (And for my Okie buds: I sure hope the room's not decorated in orange and black...)

SUNDAY (all in Zion Ballroom):
11:00 AM - (11 ??) "Guest of Honor Presentation"...which of course is the new 2015 Parties and Losses edition of Trekland: Between the Cracks—injoke media, and some dot-connecting...and more forum talk with the audience, all across the Trekverse.

1:00 PM - The "New" Trek - J.J. Abrams does Star Trek—Well, THIS will be fun. Join some local SLC Trekfans and I but come prepared to share, as we wind down a light-hearted litcon Sunday.

They've promised me a bit of a look around SLC as well, so maybe I'll see some earlybirds on Thursday?

And for those of you asking: YES, I *will* be at Phoenix Comicon for the Star Trek COnotnues premiere events, a couple of Dr. Trek shows, a bonus panel and a guest Trekland table appearance at least one day. Stay tuned!

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