Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hey, Phoenix Comicon—I'm there, on AND off the grid

Okay—a wacky year, so pay attention!

Barely off the flight from a wonderful weekend at small, friendly and very busy CONduit in Salt Lake City

I've been thrilled to add Phoenix Comicon to my roster the past three years—my, only a year since that insane amateur blogger's misquote rumor fiasco?—and this weekend I will be back, even if I'm barely in the guide—after we had a miscue this winter. Look for rings to be different in 2016, I'm gonna wager.

Meanwhile, I really will be around campus—especially Friday and Saturday—and a bit more foot-loose and fancy-free. Let's see if it is more fun!

Of course, a big part of the weekend for me is the world premiere of "The White Iris," the fourth episode of Star Trek Continues, and I'll be there with cast and fellow crew and who knows what else. Look for some vidchats with special guests I shot on-set—Colin Baker and Chris Gore, and more!—coming soon here on the blog. 

I'll also be there late-night Friday to support my Con of Wrath director of photography, Neal Halford, as his horror short The Case of Evil (right) makes yet another festival appearance, this time in connection with PHXCC.

Check me out on Saturday: two panels and a guest table spot with the United Federation of Phoenix, thanks to my friend David Williams and his wonderful club, Phoenix's oldest.

All of that capped Saturday night, of course for a live-n-local Dr. Trek show crowdfunder to benefit The Con of Wrath  AND get your screen credit for your $20 or more donation—our standard procedure….but not too late to hit the parties afterward. (And for the second year in a row, I'll be doing Dr. Trek for a private audience as well—a PHXCC twofer!)  Mucho thanks to Continues producer/director Chris White for donating the venue.

And on top of ALL that: Freed from a tight con-bound schedule, I have a side trip planned for a very special video interview with a first-generation Treklander—I'm excited for that, and to share with you that history later.

So here's the day-by-day for me:


6 pm: Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder for The Con of Wrath, in a private but not closed venue in Maricopa, 20 minutes south of downtown. If you are in the Phoenix region, would like to attend a Dr. Trek event and help out Wrath but downtown is just not convenient to go for you Saturday night, email me and I'll slip you in on the details.


6 pm, Ballroom 301: Star Trek Continues premiere of "The White Iris," Episode 4—and look for an hour Q&A and hour of signing afterward.

10:30 pm, West 103: Neal's The Case of Evil horror short screening during the PHXCC Film Festival. 


10:30 am, Room North 228: 50 Years of Humanism: A Trek panel I took on as a late add, and fascinating topic—check out the reserve page here. And after that…

Noon-4 pm, Tabling: I'm a guest of the United Federation of Phoenix at their table—with some photos, Trekland on Speaker CDs (2 and 3), and of course info on Enterprise in Space and The Con of Wrath meetup that night!

6 pm, North 227: Live Long and Prosper: Saying Goodbye to Leonard Nimoy: The other panel I'm joining late, and hopefully adding a slew of Nimoy career visuals

9-11 pm, Sheraton Room TBA: Dr. Trek Show crowdfunder II, con-centric edition!  If you;ve never seen my show (or if you have, there's fresh blood this year)… here's you chance—and we get out in time to see plenty of Saturday con nightlife, so you can support our piece of history with your $20 for a screen credit, chance to trivia prizes, and rare video and doc sneak peeks. 
If you plan to come, please do "Like" my Facebook event page's own "Attend" button... always helpful! If you do, you'll get word for the Room Number in the Sheraton as soon as it's ready, on Thursday. Or just make sure you're following me on Twitter or Facebook as well—'twill be posted there too.

Who knows? I:m a free man and might actually go enjoy a con day for once.

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