Saturday, August 15, 2015

Five years since Barrow: Will Rogers, and Trekland

I can't believe it's been FIVE YEARS since we were in Barrow, Alaska, on the 75th anniversary of the death of my hero and fellow Okie-turned-Callie,  Will Rogers… and an incredible trip of a lifetime, a real bucket-list event, that I realized later had a Trek connection of sorts.

Very proud of those reflections!

Now, we are hip deep in 80th anniversary events at Will's state park ranch in the Palisades, and I invite all SoCal'ers over to see: Friday night was the annual Movies in Will's Backyard, where instead o a 1930s classic we saw the 1987 HBO special doc Will Rogers: Look Back in Laughter... and a wonderful panel of its production team, plus host Robin Williams' insane outtakes as various tourist guises—a rarity to be sure. The Dog Iron Polo Match, which benefits the WR Ranch Foundation, is today with a memorial flyover for aviation booster Will, as we had at several key cities to his life story in 2010.

What does all this have to do with Trekland? I fleshed out my thoughts on this five years ago, when I realized that both entities struck a chord in me—the ol' "better future" expectation, and one with a sense of humor—especially when viewed through the prism of Leonard McCoy,  on Star Trek's side of the ledger.

It all makes sense to me—whether spoken in 1935, 1965, 2015 or 2065. RIght?

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