Sunday, August 16, 2015

New 'On Speaker': The '95 VGR voices of 'Caretaker'!

If it's August and Vegas Khhaaann is past, that can only mean one thing: 

The latest TREKLAND: On Speaker remastered audio collection from my archives... is now out!  Fresh from its annual STLV debut,  I'm very proud of my latest deep-dive Trek interviews on collectible CD.

For our fourth annual volume, we continue marking anniversaries—and for 2015 that means the 20th birthday of Voyager's premiere, and thus the title: "Taking Care of 'Caretaker'."

On this disk you'll get the On Speaker debuts of the one and only Jeri Taylor (lower right), the co-creator, exec producer and mentor-creator of the Kathryn Janeway character... as well as Trek's other production designer and leader of 13 seasons of Trek art departments—the Emmy-winning Richard James (top right), who got to do this one from scratch. There's also segments from  VFX producer Dan Curry (lower left) and the late, great TV Trek director Rick Kolbe, who reveals why he got exec producer Rick Berman's hiring call for "Caretaker" in the middle of the night… in a Georgia swamp.

As always, you get the three-panel liner notes, my original photography, an audio introduction and intros to each segment, a maxed-out 1:20 of actual voices …and the option of an autograph on the cover panel.  

And, as always, it's all graced by the audio and art design talents of my friend and podcast network founder-czar Chris Jones (or @cbryanjones for all you Tweetsters).

Check out the page, and even get a deal on prior-volume CDs in multiples—all of which I'll likewise be happy to sign.  Vol. 1 is sold out, but it's still on my to-do list to get up as an iTunes download and get started that library. Each CD after Vol. 1 will be limited to 100 disks, then kept up for digital downloading as well. 

I hope you enjoy our latest in this series of incredible e audio snapshots in time—fresh in the day, and yet fresh today too! 

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