Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog titles: No ego to bruise here

By the way, Rome's blog wasn't built in a day, either. It's tough to be creative without cutesy on all this little stuff, y'know?

So tell me what you think: I'm still doing taste tests with "Blogger's Log." If you have a better recipe for a title, won't you share it, neighbor? 

There are a couple more I need for the website proper—but all in good time, dearie, all in good time.

In contrast, "Switching to Visual" for the video entries just came to me a couple weeks ago, and I rather like it: subtle, but with just a hint o' '60s memories. And it's a helluva lot better than "Trek Five," the original. ("Trek Five"—"Take Five" .... get it? Exactly.)

And I thought the angst that used to go into choosing a new con name was pretty thick ...

1 comment:

Stephen R. Wolcott said...

How about Captain Blogger's Log? (or other officer title).