Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bryan Fuller: Emmy calls!

Hey--congrats to onetime Voyager scribe Bryan Fuller on his Emmy nomination for Comedy Writing for the pilot—or "Pie-lette"—on his new hit Pushing Daisies.

Time capsule ALERT: Here's Bryan—all smiles in his old Hart Building office after one of our "chats on tape" in spring 1998... (Note of course the obligatory action figure museum...)

In case you haven't caught it—and you should—it's the quirky and lushly-colored tale of a guy who gains the ability to bring corpses back to life with a single touch—but a second touch forever leaves them lifeless again, endearing him to a certain private detective who loves the first-hand reports of dead victims, etc. And guess whom our saves from death, and then can never touch again? Yep, his boyhood girl crush. Oh—and his pie store is home base for the stories...thus the cute pilot title.

Back on Voyager, Bryan wrote Voyager tales like "Mortal Coil" and "Barge of the Dead," and confessed in our interviews a real fascination for tales about death and life. (He was also behind the Captain Proton idea—his first draft for "Bride of Chaotica!" was deemed "too over the top" and pulled back (sadly)—so don't paint him grim just because of the death thing. ) After great, too-brief series like Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, I'm so tickled for him that Pushing Daisies has caught on for hopefully an even longer run.

Kudos also to Trek vets Doug Drexler and Gary Hutzel for their visual FX noms from Battlestar Galactica, and to Ron Moore overall for his show's four bids—as well as The Shat once again for supporting actor on Boston Legal; I'm not forgetting any of them. But aside from a staff-wide entry for Heroes' rookie season, this is Bryan's first solo Emmy chance—and thus my note.

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Stephen R. Wolcott said...

A worthy nominee. I was fortunate to interview him recently and discovered a very articulate, genuine guy who still has passionate memories of his days on Trek. Also found out he's quite the collector. Congrats!

Stephen R. Wolcott