Sunday, August 31, 2008

STV: Sept. 3—Bingo time! Fight AIDS' effects with John Billingsley

Actually, that's both John AND his wife Bonita Friedericy, whose charity of choice (as many fans know) is the AIDS Service Center of Pasadena, Calif., servicing much of Los Angeles County.

Catch them for this typically funky-wacky Bingo night Wednesday, Sept. 3 in the West Hollywood "Hamburger Mary's" set-up at 9 p.m. For L.A. area fans, get there a little early at 8688 Santa Monica Blvd, at Sweetzer Avenue; you can check out online both the Bingo series and the AIDS Service Center. Both are involved in other events, as you'll hear in this clip ... and sincere about inviting fans of not only Star Trek but NBC's returning Chuck series, which features Bonnie as NSA Gen. Beckman ...

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