Sunday, November 16, 2008

And WHY is it a record?

From Variety:

In a historic victory for a film franchise that's nearly half a century old, Sony/MGM's "Quantum of Solace" secured the biggest domestic opening ever for a Bond pic, grossing an estimated $70.4 million from 3,451 runs--74% more than "Casino Royale."
Previous record-holder for best Bond opening was "Die Another Day" ($47 million).

Not even mentioned, however, is how much of that Bond B.O. is due to the tickets bought by Trekfen dying to see their new trailer .... !!

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Dwight Williams said...

I think that your theory has a good basis in fact, or at least that it
ought to. Granted, there's already a sizeable fanbase for Craig-as-Bond, and a far smaller one for anything Paul Haggis has had a hand in writing the script for(and I say that as a fan of Due South, his most worthy TV creation)...but that movie trailer has to be a factor in the equation as well.