Tuesday, November 18, 2008

STV: The Matt Jefferies Bio/Art Book: Brother Richard Remembers

Matt Jefferies has a hallowed place in Trekland as the designer of the original Enterprise of 1964 (or 2145!), as well as the look and feel of its interiors, its props, and its earliest alien worlds. In short, he brought Gene's vision to life—a genius, especially in light of the limited time, crew and budgets he had to work with.

But there was much more to the veteran, flier, Hollywood artisan and beloved brother and husband than "just" Star Trek—especially the part about coming up from humble roots to leave a legacy both beloved and legendary.

So take a listen: Who better to get it all down than his brother Richard, who tells me all about Beyond the Clouds: The Lifelong Trek of Walter "Matt" Jefferies, Artist and Visionary ...

By the way, it is a great book and pictorial story: at Borders, Barnes and Noble, Baker & Taylor, or www.mattjefferies.com.

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Chris Dawson said...

Another great interview. Thanks for making it!