Thursday, January 22, 2009

Q it up: The Continuum vs. Sweden

No overt sign in the reporting that this is a parental reference to those pesky Continuum dwellers—or even to MI-5's weapons lab chief—but geez, just name him "Kyu" ... or even "Cue" ... or something....

OSTERSUND, Sweden, Jan. 22 (UPI) --The letter Q may not be used as a boy's name, a Swedish administrative appeals court ruled.

The parents of a boy in northwestern Sweden's Jamtland province had argued they'd been calling their son Q since he was born. ... The parents said that since this is what they consider his name, what he considers himself and what he is known as, he should be allowed to keep Q as his name.

However, [a] lower court had ruled the name failed to satisfy basic linguistic requirements. The higher court said Q is a letter of the alphabet not typically used as a first name, so it should not be allowed.

It cited "relevant case law" that holds that letters are not considered appropriate for names if the letters aren't already considered a name.

Yeah, well tell that to Mrs. Q. Or even M.

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