Friday, February 6, 2009

Krime and Klingons—NOT

OK, so the new Star Trek movie's marketing and licensing roll-out is something to behold—but I don't think cheap hold-ups for attention is part of it.

First thing I want to know about that guy caught on the security cams robbing a convenience store in Colorado Springs this week: was he really a Trekster, or was that mini-bat'tleh just the only thing he was able to jack from the local space-Goth metalsmith store? I mean, that video still did not exactly show off his "Klingon sword" as a to-scale model. From here, it doesn't even look like it's shaped correctly.

My point is, that guy could not have been a true fan—he never would have been caught dead in public, much less on camera, with a small-scaled prop. And that hoodie—what's he doing, doing cosplay as a Landru monk? The hems are all wrong, obviously. No drawstrings on Beta III.

Nope, he was clearly not a fan. So—sorry local media! I know you had a heyday with this guy and his "Klingon sword," as you kept putting it, but once again we have to cut through the "stereotypes" of the local press and get to the root of the truth. Just as most con-goers are not in costume, most petty hold-up clowns are not fans of Kahless.

UPDATE: A helpfully nerdy commenter at the Denver Post website proves me right: that blade looks to be a Klingon-like knockoff by a prop metalsmith, Kit Rae's "The Valdris" (and no, ever so cleverly, it's not Valkris.) How long til they promote it, "As used by punks in The Springs"?

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Frederick said...

I agree, I knew from the video this was just a cheap crook who got his hands on a ripoff Bat'leth, saw it's potential as a knife, and it was probably news to him that it was connected to Star Trek, when he read about himself in the news later.