Thursday, January 29, 2009

STV: Trek2Chuck 3-D—with Robbie McNeill

You're hearing all the hype about NBC's follow-up to the 3-D Super Bowl: its 3-D episode of Chuck?

Funny how our catch-up chat with Robbie "Tom Paris" McNeill as part of the big Trekland alumni chapter on Chuck—he's a supervising producer and oft-time director—just happened to fall on a December day when he was trying to wrap up the very segments for "Chuck Versus the Third Dimension" that are being ballyhooed on that trailer.

You should try Chuck—like Trek, it has its own universe, just not on a starship!—but you Robbie die-hards out there will enjoy our chat in any case. In fact, Robbie and I make a 3-D moment...sorta kinda. At least, we have the soundtrack for it. I just hope we made Dr. Tounge proud.

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